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Baked Italian Tofu (and Polenta)

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When looking through old pictures on my computer, I came across more food photos from 5 years ago to write up (and reminded myself of recipes I need to make again).  These tofu bakes are like lasagnas, but with tofu instead of noodles as the main ingredient (though a tofu lasagna would be great, too).  They are quick to put together, and make a warm, hearty dish.

For this recipe, dry the tofu (use firm or extra firm) and cut it into large slices.  Layer the tofu in a baking pan with your choice of tomato sauce, cheese, veggies, beans and seasonings, and bake in oven until warm and tomato sauce is bubbling.  Here’s a variation with eggplant and chickpeas:


I also enjoy baking polenta- buy a tube of it and cut it up in the baking dish to heat with ingredients of choice.  Topped this one with roasted red peppers, and I like how the grated cheese crusted on top of the tomato sauce.


Author: theseatedcook

I enjoy cooking simple, healthy, vegetarian meals.

One thought on “Baked Italian Tofu (and Polenta)

  1. Those look perfect for cold evening dinners!

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